Other Groups

  1. Confusing Interface. Must Be Knowledgeable about Discord. 
  2. Botting is required to make money.
  3. Members only get notifications on discord.
  4. Slow and Inaccurate Shipping Timelines.
  5. Unreliable, unsteady sources of items
  6. Authentication failure on Resell Apps. 
  7. Items come from several places, instead of one main supply point. 
  8. The Dropshipping model used by other groups is based on one-sided conversation. 
  9.  No Contractual Agreements between Business and Consumer 
  10. Fluidity between niche and other outlets; i.e. Supreme and Skating, Supreme and Reselling, Supreme and Sneakers
  11. Less is more, item limits, no need to oversell then be unable to complete orders.